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interview: Grimgotts

Grimgotts is a power metal band from the U.K. The band has been consistently releasing new music on its own. They have some free/name-your-price and low-priced releases. Learn more about the band in this interview answered by Andy (vocals).
How is the metal life in London?
London has a fantastic metal scene, as well as a strong power metal fan base. We are able to regularly go and see our favourite bands and chat with them after, which is obviously great!
The band wasn’t based in London at first. How was Horsham/West Sussex before London?
Grimgotts was founded as a 2-piece by myself (Andy) and my childhood friend (Fraser). We never discussed how far we would take the band, but we both relocated to London in 2015. Eventually, Fraser opted to leave the project and I invited Dave, who I met at the University of Leicester to join the band as lead guitarist. We then recruited Fabio, a London-based keyboard player from Italy, and James Taylor, an old friend from Horsham to play bass. We have had a drummer in the ranks in the past, but we’re currently still seeking our final member.
The band formed in 2015. There were two EPs in 2016, an EP, several singles and a full-length album in 2017? How is that possible?!
Given that the band doesn’t currently gig (as much as we would love to!), we decided to compensate for this by being as proactive as humanly possible when it came to recording. We’re looking to bring new music in 2018 ASAP
Who are the current members of the band?
Andy Barton – I am the lead singer, and primary song writer. However, as we’ve developed both Dave and now Fabio have taken an active role in the songwriting, which is great!
David Hills – lead guitars
Fabio Garau – keys
James Taylor – bass
Let’s find out more about the 2017 album Lions of the Sea. Is it an independent album?
Lions of the Sea is an independent album. We all work full time so realistically we had to record when we could in our free time. Stormspell Records have distributed the album, which is fantastic! We would certainly be open to a record label, but for now managing the band on our own works well.
Do you record at home?
We did indeed have to record in our homes. We knew this would have an impact on the overall quality of the record, but needs must! We are planning on record our next single in a studio as we want to have flawless production from now on.
Why is it called Lions of the Sea?
The name just seemed fitting! There’s a nautical theme throughout the album, and we thought it sounded cool!
Where can people hear the full album?
The album is on Spotify, as well as ITunes. However, you can purchase physical copies from CD Baby, or our Bandcamp page.
Do you have merch, too?
As of now, we don’t, but we certainly are looking into it.
What type of working methods do you prefer?
As I mentioned earlier, we all work full time, meaning that we had to record when we could. For me, recording the vocals is physically draining. If I’ve had a long day in the office I will struggle to record for much longer than half an hour in the evening. The entire process took many months.
Has the album generated interest in shows?
Our main focus for this year is to gig. We’re still looking for a drummer, but we’re confident we’ll find the missing link soon!
Is it true you have songs about Harry Potter?
The band started off as a novelty band, with the lyrics focussed on Harry Potter. We did this primarily to be funny. We thought it was funny at least! We’ve moved away from it for now. “Struck by Fire” is about Harry Potter, as is “I am the Hero.” ‘The Ginger Knight’ = Ron Weasley.
Do you get coverage in the U.K.?
We’ve had a lot of reviews, particularly from European blogs, but not so much in the UK. We get a lot radio play though.
Your latest album is priced very reasonably!
We’re not about making money, we do this solely for our own enjoyment and if people enjoy what we do as well, then that’s brilliant!
Do you have any other news?
We hope 2018 will be an exciting year for us! As of now, we’re looking to bring out a single which should be completed before the summer. However, we will be working hard to bring Grimgotts to the stage ASAP! Cheers, Andy.

Eternal Valley

Eternal Valley is atmospheric metal from the state of Washington and/or Oregon, United States. Hear the entire new album called The Falling Light at the first link below.
OFFICIAL: Eternal Valley is a single member Atmospheric Blackened Doom Metal / Hardcore project from the Pacific Northwest, USA. Songs feature massive drums under a wave of dark synth, buried in a wall of heavy distortion and crushing riffs, then layered with an array of deafening vocals. Formed in late 2012, Eternal Valley started off with a more traditional black metal style, leading into a more depressive/atmospheric/epic sound, now incorporating heavy elements of doom metal and hardcore. Lyrical themes include: Darkness, Despair, Misanthropy, Anti-Religion, Nothingness, Space, Time, Depression, Suicide.


Mortiferum is from Olympia, Washington state, United States, according to Bandcamp, where you can hear the death doom band's entire demo, which is available as a name-your-price recording.
Altar of Decay
Release date: June 30th, 2017
1. Altar of Decay 07:00
2. Blood Chasm 05:27
3. Vitiated Mortality 05:03
4. Grave Invocation 04:55
total time 22:25

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

NEWS: One Man Studio Band NATE BOHNET To Unleash Debut Solo Album "Therapeutic Destruction"; Offers Free Download "Suicidal Illusions"

One man studio artist and Nuclear Oath bassist NATE BOHNET is ready to reveal his "Therapeutic Destruction" on his debut solo album all recorded, mixed and mastered with his producer touch at his Medicine Hat, AB based Octave Studios. Sharing with the world his emotional, groovy, melodic, organic, and therapeutic sounds, this is music cut from the very heart, a sonic sampling of a man’s soul, and while such cuts are deep and painful, the art created thereof is that of pain purged, for creator and listener alike, a symbiotic salvation if you will. Having lost his parents as a very young child; Nate has truly experienced what he writes about.
The Cambridge English Dictionary defines Destructive as “a pulling down, overthrow’ and Therapy as “pertaining to the healing art, curative’, so it is fully appropriate for Bohnet’s debut solo album to be entitled Therapeutic Destruction, for, like all true artists Nate has mined the rich seam of his own hard-experienced life experiences for inspiration.
“This album is centred around the concept that music is therapy. We all go through times in our lives where nothing seems to make sense, everything is on the edge, and you don’t know what will happen next. We have all loved, laughed, lost, and experienced tremendous grief and joy in our time alive. ‘Therapeutic Destruction’ means harnessing all the negative energy that comes into your life, and unleashing it in music that some might consider destructive. I felt that the title fits the main idea of the album; using music as a way of therapy and harnessing it in such a way as to allow myself to deal with aspects of my life, and if one song reaches you and connects with you; it has done its job. The overarching message is that regardless of all these low points in our lives, all we have to do is push forward and strive. The only thing holding you back is your mind.” says Bohnet.
The first single "Suicidal Illusions" is now streaming and available for free download on Bandcamp.
Bohnet adds:
"We have all been there, whether we have acted on it, or it has just been a passing thought. Regardless though the subject isn’t easy and sometimes the only way to help someone who may be dealing with that situation, is to talk about it and be present."
“Therapeutic Destruction” features 14 heart felt heavy tracks and due out February 16, 2018 for free download.

NEWS: MAYHEM To Take On Australia This Week

Norwegian black metal legends MAYHEM will bring their hymns to Australia this week. The De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas Australian trek includes shows in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Tasmania, and Auckland. MAYHEM has been commemorating the release of their 1994 landmark De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas full-length with a worldwide live takeover performing the monumental record in its entirety. Their upcoming Australian journey follows the Americæ Septentrionalis - Pars Duorum tour with Immolation and Black Anvil last fall.
MAYHEM w/ Bölzer, Ruins, Départe:
1/16/2018 Capitol - Perth, AU w/ Earth Rot (no Ruins)
1/17/2018 Max Watts - Melbourne, AU
1/18/2018 Max Watts - Sydney, AU
1/19/2018 The Triffid - Brisbane, AU
1/21/2018 Mona Foma - Tasmania, AU * MAYHEM only
1/23/2018 Kings Arms Tavern - Auckland, AU
End Tour
4/01/2018 Decibel Metal And Beer Fest @ The Fillmore - Philadelphia, PA w/ Carcass, Repulsion
In related MAYHEM news, vocalist Attila Csihar recently earned the number eleven spot of Loudwire's Top 25 Extreme Metal Vocalists, the website writing, "Each MAYHEM vocalist has left his stamp on metal's perhaps most infamous band, but none have been more impactful than Attila Csihar. His efforts on the band's groundbreaking De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas debut added a layer of fog to the album's ghastly atmosphere with an out of body experience performance...."
The cornerstone De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas was listed among Revolver Magazine's 20 Essential Black Metal Albums while the record earned the #40 spot on Rolling Stone Magazine's 100 Greatest Metal Albums Of All Time. Further illuminating the keystone offering, the band self-released De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas Alive late 2016 on CD, DVD, LP, and digitally. Captured in Norrköping, Sweden in 2015 during the band's headlining set at the Black Christmass Festival, the show marked MAYHEM's first time ever playing De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas in full.

the my little pony symphonic power metal of The L-Train (from Equestria)

The power of anypony resides in the knowledge of the magic of friendship. There is no need to wonder what friendship could be for The L-Train has shared its magic with you. The L-Train supports tons of fun and big adventure, always faithful and strong, sharing the kindness and it's such an easy feat made by magic complete. The empire of friendship will always triumph as long as you all are very best friends with each other and with The L-Train. Explore the music of The L-Train below and feel the magic right in front of your eyes. Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Rarity, and Spike are all looking forward to making you a new friend.

the my little pony equestrian black metal of Glacier Frost (from Equestria)

Anypony knows that the time to rise has arrived and all ponies must take up the task assigned to them at this grave hour to fight against the evil of Nightmare Moon. Rise, ponies! This is the message of Gracier Frost, a black metal entity possessed by the unquenchable and unsustainable and unintelligible destiny of the pony universe. Listen and discover the magic of friendship.

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NEWS: Mexican Folk Symphonic Metal CABRAKAAN Announce Western Canadian Tour Dates

Mexican symphonic folk metallers CABRAKAÄN will be hitting the road with Quebec's Valfreya and Alberta's Forsaken Rite for this year's "March Of The Frozen Western Canadian Tour". The tour will see the Mexican transplants whom now call Canada home and residing in Calgary, AB perform in three provinces during the month of February. During the tour, CABRAKAÄN will showcase new tracks from their upcoming 2018 full length "Cem Anahuac" due out in spring 2018 to follow their 2014 debut EP "Songs From Anahuac".
Staying true to their roots, CABRAKAÄN's music combines elements of metal orchestrated with Mexican folklore along with a wide variety of instruments such as strings, acoustic guitars, Jarocha harp, marimba, ocarinas, Huehuetl, and Teponaztle. Their lyrics are in English, Spanish, Zapoteco, Nahuatl and other ancient Mexican languages. The band's name is based on a character from the Mayan sacred book known as the Popol Vuh, where Cabrakan was the god of mountains and earthquakes.
"We are proud our roots and our culture and we want to share it with the world through our music. When we are on stage, we try to give our fans a great experience by creating an atmosphere from the time of the Aztecs, using costumes and make up. The purpose of our sets too is to give fans more of our culture visually and musically so they can connect with us and enjoy the performance even more." says drummer Marko Cipaktli.
Tour Dates:
Feb 15 - Kelowna, BC - Muninn's Post
Feb 16 - Calgary, AB - Distortion
Feb 17 - Edmonton, AB - The Forge On Whyte
Feb 18 - Regina, SK - Cloud 9
CABRAKAÄN was formed in Toluca, Mexico in 2012 and have been calling Canada home since first performing in the country at the 2017 Metalocalypstick fest in Lone Butte, BC where the beauty of the North won them over and encouraged them make the grand decision to relocate.
Their debut EP "Songs From Anahuac" was unleashed in 2014 and displayed a mix of death, folk, and symphonic European influences with Prehispanic instruments along with storytelling of Mesoamerican mythologies (Aztec, Mayan, Tlaxcaltecan, Olmecan) plus Mexican folklore such as La llorona, La Bruja, Day of The Dead.
Wasting no time in Canada, CABRAKAÄN are currently completing production on their follow up full length album entitled "Cem Anahuac" set for release in spring 2018. The album will be an expression of pride for their roots, history and traditions along with their love for metal and traditional music from their home country of Mexico.
For more info:

NEWS: Hyvmine

[Prog metal band Hyvmine has posted introductions to the four members. Check out the debut album at the link below. The introductions are left to right in relation to the picture.]
Name: Christopher Joseph
Nickname: C.J.
Country of origin: USA
Main Instrument: Bass Guitar
Who influenced you to pick up your first instrument? I grew up listening to a wide variety of music. What caused me to pick up the bass guitar was Stanley Clarke. After listening to his album titled “school days” my life was changed forever! What do you hope to accomplish with HYVMINE and what motivates you to play music as a whole? I really love being a part of the team who all just wanna rock out and grow owning what they’re doing. I love playing music but it’s so much better when you’re surrounded by others who have something different to bring to the collective. I can’t wait to see where we go from here✊️
Name: Alon Mei-Tal
Nickname: Heavy Mei-Tal
Country of Origin: Israel (but grew up in Ohio)
Main Instrument: Guitar, backing vocals
Gear: Equilibrium Custom Masai 7-string guitar, Engl Powerball II (head), Mesa 4x12 (cab) Who influenced you to pick up your first instrument and why:
It was my mom who first pushed me to do something besides go to school and watch tv when I was 9 years old. I kind of chose guitar on a whim, but after discovering bands like the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Audioslave I realized this whole music thing was actually pretty cool. Then once I heard Joe Satriani for the first time, that sealed the deal for me. I was going to be a guitar player for sure, and here I am still doing it 20 years later. Thanks mom.
Schooling: High School diploma with honors in Instrumental Music from the School for Creative and Performing Arts. Bachelors of Music from the Berklee College of Music. Majored in Guitar Performance, graduated Summa Cum Laude What do you hope to accomplish with HYVMINE and what motivates you to play music as a whole: Music has always been something I can rely on. When people are flaky or circumstances aren’t they way I want them to be, music is always going to be a consistent source of positivity. It won’t judge and it’ll never go away, no matter who you are or what you do. If I can bring that same kind of unwavering positivity to other people through music, I’ll feel like it was a job worth doing.
HYVMINE is a great collection of awesome, incredibly talented guys. Together we’re going to spread our own special sauce combining heavy music with exciting performance and that same positive vibe and bring it to the masses. The world won’t know what hit it.
Name: Al Joseph
Nickname: A.J.
Country of Origin: United States 🇺🇸 Main Instrument: Vocalist and Lead Guitar
Gear - Ibanez Guitars, Laney Amplification, Dunlop Strings, MXR Pedals, Organic Pickups, Gruv Gear, Gravity Picks
Who influenced you to pick up your first instrument and why schooling: It was Joe Satriani. Surfing with the alien was the record. My father had turned my brothers and I on to so much music and I had already been playing guitar by the time. But when he played SWTA I knew it’s what I’d be doing for the rest of my life. I later attended music school after college were I would study performance. I attended Berklee College of Music because I wanted to be around musicians. I had spent so many of my schooling years feeling a bit out of place I knew I’d fit right in at Berklee. For that reason it was a good experience.
What do you hope to accomplish with HYVMINE and what motivates you to play music as a whole: What I hope to accomplish is making a true impact on the world musically and having a great deal of influence. I want to make fucking noise and shake people up. That’s what motivates me to be an artist. Being on a stage, turning heads and rocking out, now that’s a life I want to live.
Name: Fabrizio Cavallaro
Country: Italy
Inst: Drums
Gear: nothing
Who influenced you to start:
My mom convinced me to join the music department in middle school even though I really didn’t want to. On the first day of orientation when I heard the drums playing right in front of me for the first time I fell in love, became obsessed with it and I never stopped drumming since then.
What you hope to accomplish with hyvmine: I want the band to be successful, make a lot of money with it and influence the younger generations

NEWS: Overthrust

Death metallers Overthrust (Botswana) posted the following announcement.
Hello world, this is to confirm that Overthrust General manager Mr Donald Odirle aka D-Wasted Thrust has resigned from Overthrust deathmetal band with effect from 02/01/2018.We have been working with Mr.Donald for 5 years now, he became our manager in August 2013, we have been having a peaceful relationship and we therefore appreciate the time he spent with Overthrust and wish him good luck in his future plans.He will be missed but surely as he promised he will always be around when needed.On behalf of Overthrust, we thank you Mr. Donald Odirle.
"Happy 2018 guys. I take this opportunity to wish you all the best in your future endeavours especially Overthrust metal band activities going forward. I appreciate the opportunity you afforded me working with you. So this serves as my resignation from Overthrust metal band with immediate effect. GOOD LUCK AND ALL THE BEST GUYS. Regards, Donald Odirile".
"To Manager: After your note of resignation from Overthrust metal band we did have directors discussion and we were wondering if could there have been reasons unknown to us that could not be disclosed by you, that could have maybe led to you taking such a decision without any warning or if is something personal then is ok if u can not disclose it to the management.We also looked at our files and noted that you never signed a contract though we have been together for 5 years hence your resignation with a note without a letter, thats understandable.If your decision is final and can not be changed by you in anyway then we obviously cant change your decision Sir, and we respect your choice. We had and still have good relationship and a bond with you that we promise never to break even if you will no longer be our manager , we appreciate the efforts, your support, your time and sacrifies you made for Overthrust developments and that will never be forgotten. We will also like to continue with the good relationship we had with you as we part ways peacefully without any conflicts or fights just like the first time we met and you be our manager. We will still give u the respect you deserve and treat you like the way we have been treating you as our manager. With all this we accept your resignation and we wish you good luck in future.Thank you very much. On behalf of Overthrust: Tshomarelo Mosaka"
"Donald, Brothers.... Kindly accept and realise that my decision is not out of bad feelings. Is just of my personal reasons which I don't want to affect anyone within negatively. So this is for the betterment of OVERTHRUST and I will always be there to assist where possible and brothers I'm not lost to you I'm there for you if need be. The respect for you will always be there up with best wishes for great rocking time until end of time. Love you guys."
"Tshomarelo, Thanks a lot manager. I understand. Goodluck."

NEWS: DØDSFALL To Enter Studio Next Autumn

Norwegian/Swedish Black metallers DØDSFALL will enter the studio next year to begin work on the follow-up to 2015's "Kaosmakt" album.
DØDSFALL`s guitarist and mastermind Is commented about the band's recording plans “We're in the middle of the songwriting, we are very excited to start working on something new after a long time. We are loaded woth new fresh ideas and different sources of inspiration"
Also added "We're smoothly approaching into the songwriting, so I think we will be hitting the studio sometime in the beginning of Autumn next year”
The band has the plan to do several shows later in 2018/2019 in support of their next álbum still untitled. DØDSFALL´s last show was at the infamous Inferno Metal Festival in Oslo, Norway as support act for Exodus and Gorguts.
"Kaosmakt" was released worldwide in January 2015 via Osmose Productions and was produced and recorded by legendary producer Tomas Skogsberg at Sunlight Studio (Gorgoroth, Old Man´s Child, Arckanum) in Sweden.

black thrashers Kömmand record a new rehearsal

Seattle black thrash deciders Kömmand did the unthinkable and went right ahead and had the big courage to record a rehearsal and then they determined that you could hear it because this is what they actually sound like and this is the line-up of the band with Exhumer on drums. I am listening to it right now and I am pleased with how cool this all sounds. Can you believe they did this? Believe it, friend! This is Kömmand playing a private konzert for you! Listen to it at this first link. By the way, in case you don't know the band, below is the greatest interview that the band has ever done. You will never, ever read a better interview by the band until the next time that this publication interviews them again, then that will be the greatest Kömmand interview ever. Here is a picture of the band. It is entirely possible that all three of the people in the picture are, in fact, real people, not photoshop rockers. --MMB
The black thrash band Kömmand took time out of their busy schedule to confront this inquisition questionnaire interrogation (mostly written in Metalenglisch). Their debut album is from 2017 and it is called Nekrö Kömmandö Attack! because nekro is a way of viewing the world and playing music. Live it at the first link below and you too can rise to the rank of a kömmander of metal and of your life. Kömmander Z speaks.
Hällo! Metal Bulletin zine wants to interrogate the Kömmand krüe about your metal konspiracies. The debut was released in 2017, but when did the konzept für the blackthrash originally begin? Why the blackthrash in partikular? What motivates the Kömmand körps to dedikate so much devotion to this style of nekrometal?

I started writing Kömmand riffs in November of 2013. A lot changed for me in 2013 - the drummer of Skinwalker moved to Oregon, I got kicked out of Strychnine, my woman left me and I completed university. I had no feeling for the future, and a void in my output. Being fully marinated in BLACK METAL for years, my music vocabulary was stunted at the level of the cold, fast and hateful. But for me, the best parts of 2nd wave BM were always the D-beat sections and ROCK oriented songwriting. This, as well as the GREATS of yesteryear, Celtic Frost, Bathory, Destruction, Kreator, etc., are pure candy. I thought, “why wade through the fog of atmosphere to get to my candy riff?” Why not start a project of ALL candy riffs? Something I wouldn’t get bored of listening to in 1-2 months?
Before, during and after these moments, my listening preferences have trended toward the ancient and the riff oriented. CARNAGE and EXHUMER are also steeped in metal lore. We live, breath, drink, and self-destruct for ANCIENT FAST METAL. And we were quite frankly, tired of the shit, safe, eyeliner, multiple-adjective and diaper-metal bands out there.

Who are the members of the band now? One time I saw a post online of the kriminal aktivities of each bandmember für bands, podkasts, zines und other such things. Kann you please give us that information again here now so that we kann share it mit the fans?
Hiuhiuhiu, but of course! As I say, metal is everything for us. Carnage (4-string Krüshfukk) has been displacing neck-cartilage around Seattle for over 15 years with Nekro Morphosis and Process of Erosion, as well as booking shows at the 2 Bit Saloon (RIP) for years, and now booking Metal Mondays at the Substation. Exhumer (Ritualistikk Blackcircle Nekropounding) is one of the most dedicated people for the WAR-EFFORT I know! Until recently he played with Isenordal, he books various shows around Seattle and writes The Sentinel d.i.y. magazine. In addition to Kömmand, I play in Skinwalker and Wende, and record Zett’s Unsilent Storms Radio Podcast to soundcloud twice a month. Yesseah! Self-promotion is as ‘murican as baseball and wealth inequality!

Who rekorded which instruments on the album? Was it a projekt at that point? Does everyone in the band see eye to eye on what the band sound should be? By the way, what is the musical und band bakkground of the three kömmanders?

Well, according to your fine publikation, “They hate each other and can barely talk to each other to make songs together”, HIUHIUHIU!!!!! We’re all united in what Kömmand should sound like. We each have our preferences, but we only honör the OLD WAYS with Kömmand. On the album, I recorded drums, guitars, and vocals, in that order. The band has been playing shows since summer 2014, but never with a stable lineup, so during the summer of 2016, I did the drums out of necessity as Exhumer hadn’t enlisted yet. Carnage recorded bass and handled the mixing and mastering work using his NEKRÖ-DRENCHED audio knowledge. And our musical and band backgrounds were amplified in the above question - we are true metal freaks!
In order to rekord blackthrash korrektly what is necessary for Kömmand? Where do you find the right studios? What type of guitar do you need? What is the preferred ekuipment necessary? How is the bass supposed to sound? What about drums? Should the drums be only the real sound from the aktual drums when the hand and foot hit the instrument?

The way to record blackthrash korrektly is the way to record ALL music correctly: HONESTLY. No studio bullshit, not bells and whistles, every barnacle on the hull left INTACT!!!! Guitars, amplifiers, drums, studios - - almost completely irrelevant. Sound like you sound, and put in the work to sound good, and you’ll be fine. Play with feeling EMPHASIZED, and for FUKK-SAKES, make your instruments sound like themselves!!! Drums must sound like drums, not typewriters or consistent, sterile snooze-fest clicks. NO!!!!!! Guitars, Bass, Vocals shouldn’t sound like anything but YOUR band. Don’t trick things up on the album! This is one of the best things about the best albums - the UNIQUENESS of the sound on that album. No other album sounds like Paranoid. No other album sounds like first Bathory. No other album sounds like Transilvanian Hunger, etc. 
I recorded my drums, in one take per song, excepting for Plague Doctor and Hailstorms 100-Proof, at a godsdamned COUNTRY music studio. The guitars and bass were recorded in a basement. The vocals in a bedroom. It doesn’t matter. The feeling will seep out of any location, if it’s present at all.
Related to the above kuestion, is it not diffikult to rekord drums in fast, extreme metal, especially if it is blasting drums? In your opinion, how does a band avoid cheating in drums und still have a good, professional drum sound if it is blasting metal? Is it or is it not possible? Kann you think of any examples of fast drumming in extreme metal that you know has real drums with no cheating?

In Skinwalker, the drummer Blacksmith would remove the resonant head on his kick drum, and tune the beater head so it was slightly floppy. It was one of those with the fancy foam ring. Then he’d place the mic inside the shell near the Point Of Mallet ATTACK! That’ll do the trick. I’m no studio wizard or a drummer really, all I can say is… imperfect and organic > sterile and immaculate mechanization. 
As to the last queztion… even though he was a shameless perpetrator of “typewriter metal” in the mid-late 90s, Hellhammer’s performance on De Mysteriis in near flawless. It’s a shame Attila took a shit for vocals. Or just listen to Repulsion’s Horrified and Death Strike’s Fuckin’ Death demo for drums. You could do a lot worse than that.
In your opinion, where kann I find the best examples of the blackthrash guitar playing if I am studying this sound? Is it found in Destruction's early works? What about the early Celtic Frost albums? Nocturnal Breed? Nifelheim? What bands started the wildfire of Kömmand? Who does the hammer-ons a lot? Who does the tremolo a lot?
Just listen to 80s DARK THRASH. It will lead the way. Early “Teutonic”-thrash, Bathory, Celtic Frost/Hellhammer, Brazilian dark-80s-thrash, Italian dark-80s-thrash, Czech dark-80s-thrash, Slaughter Lord, Sabbat, Tormentor… But obviously, they would’ve never called their style “blackthrash”. Infernö/Aura Noir carried the torch in the dark days for the style… And currently… German blackthrash, Italian blackthrash, Brazilian blackthrash, Australian blackthrash, Sweden too - so much has changed! Hiu. Kolbotn bands are absolutely KILLING it. And Amerika is cultivating some great bands, especially on the coasts. Hail NORTHWEST THRASH CONTINGENT!!!!
Does the reaktion to your muzik enkourage Kömmand to kontinue? What did you expekkt the Seattle metalheads to think about your sound? Has the reaktion been what you expekted? Do you find that other metal bands are open-minded to sharing the stage with the nekrometal blackthrash of the kömmanders of the Kömmand köllektive?
Well I was crafting snotty, atonal BLACKTHRASH riffs before anyone cared about Kömmand, and I’ll continue after they’ve perhaps drunk their fill so to speak. But really, people are sloshing their brains about to our diddies, so we couldn’t be happier. Maybe it’s a kick in seat for people exhausted by SLOW-MUSIC MOPIES and Adjective-Adjective-Adjective-Metal curio-troupes. Who’s to say. We play loud, fast and snotty and that’s all there is to it. We’ve gotten on with most everyone, and most everyone has been congenial with us. It’s not rocket-science. Go to shows, support artists you value, and enjoy your terrestrial-span ‘cause the grave awaits us all.
Thanks for playing in Everett! It was great to hear the muzik live. What is next for the Kömmand konsortium now that you have an album done? Is it a good indikation of the band that you have already shown us what you mean by nekrometal right here in the state of Washington by rekording an album und you have written your name into the book of heavy metal.

As of drünkenly responding to your Prrrrrompts, I have four songues written, with whisperings of more on the way, so there should be another album forthwith. It’d be good to take our ÜGLYTHINGS on road soon too. Maybe even looking across wide waters? Can’t say, but it’ll be a real hööt.
Kömmander Z likes to do the Celtic Frost exklamation vociferations. However, I want more of those. I am wondering if you are thinking of adding to your repertoire more vociferations like sounds of vomit, gagging, choking, screaming, high yells, and phrases like "thrash!," "here we go again," "kömmand!," "attakk!," “This is nekrö ugh!," "ugh ugh wargh ugh!," und other things like that. Would you konsider putting in more of those? Maybe add one that goes “ugh ugh nekrö argh!”
I think I snuck in a “Thrash!” somewhere on the album, Yes? In any case, a “Pure Black Speed” is nestled lovingly in there, forsooth. No promises on any future interjections. They’re done IN THE MOMENT and any planning may result in proprietary payments to TOM G. All the vocals on the album were done in one take, straight through. Unchained melodies! The ‘ughs’ and the like will make a return though… happy hunting!
Does the Kömmander Z speak Norwegian? I think you know why I ask! The last song on the album seems to be in Norwegian. 

Indeed it is, though I’m sure quite poorly. I don’t speak Norwegian, though I’m trying to learn. I en sneglefårt! For faen! I took a holiday to Norway in the summer of 2015 and I was on the whole quite taken with the place. Bergen especially is a magical city - very much like the PNW really. So the song desribes things I experienced: drinking Syv Fjell beer at the Garage, a CAT that sleeps in a precious stone shoppe, sticks carved with mundane rune messages - an old-Norse “Letter that Johnny Walker Read”! Priceless! So I had to attempt writing in Norwegian - for the city.
Recently, there have been many important events taking place in the world. The end of the world is koming, I am told, und I do not have a plan. I have been listening to Nocturnal Breed’s Aggressor album. That’s the extent of my plan. Should I be doing something else to prepare for the end of the world? I recently threw a television set from the balkony of a hotel but that did not go well for me. Who do you think kould help me to pay my bail? Do you have the number of a good lawyer that kould help me?
A fine album for the apokalypse! End of the world? Grow your own food and get a big weapon? Oh, and the best lawyer in the world is Mr. Dontgetcaughtdoingit. He’s got me out of many a bind! And as this is the last Kuezztion… I say thanks for the interview… Hail Carnage and Exhumer, hail the skullshakers, the patchhorde, NWTC, the breweries, Insomniac and Blacksmith, and all music that doesn’t suck eggs! Wipe yer assholes!

Metal Bulletin zine

Write to Metal Bulletin zine here:
Metal Bulletin Zine
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Lake Stevens WA 98258 USA

Seattle and Washington concert calendar, updated January 15, 2018

Friends in the state of Washington,
Is there a metal music show in your area that is not listed in this calendar? Does your local metal band have a show coming up and is not listed here? Is your band's name spelled incorrectly? Are the dates wrong? If you have information about shows/updates/cancellations, please get in contact with Metal Bulletin Zine.
Seattle and Washington concert calendar, updated January 15, 2018
January 15 Red Fang, Year of the Cobra at The Shakedown, Bellingham, WA
January 17 Acephalix, Mortiferum, Fetid, Scolex at Crytatropa, Olympia, WA
January 18 Acephalix, Scolex, Fetid, Mortiferum at Highline, Seattle, WA
blockquote> January 18 Endorphins, Escuela, Spacebag at Victory Lounge , Seattle, WA
January 19 Hell's Belles (AC/DC tribute), Elephant Gun Riot at Knitting Factory, Spokane, WA
January 20 Violent Hallucinations, Dilapidation, Ironwood, others in Kelso, WA
January 20 Vesuvian, Bleed the Stone, Simulation Theory, Scourged at Lucky Liquor, Tukwila, WA
January 20 Aethereus, Xoth, Kömmand, Ghostblood at The Valley, Tacoma, WA
January 22 Large Marge, Noceur, Pill Brigade at Substation, Seattle, WA
January 24 Meshuggah, others at Showbox, Seattle, WA
January 26 Kömmand, Isenordal, others at The Kraken, Seattle, WA
January 27 Frozen Fest: Imposter of Humanity, Borrowing Days, Redwood Sol, Blue Avenue, Nevermind The Damage, The Kari Ehli Band, Watch Rome Burn, Dead Evergreen, The War Within at Studio Seven, Seattle, WA
January 27 Substratum, RIP, Leathürbitch, Weaponlord, Iron Nightingale at Highline, Seattle, WA
February 2 Trauma at El Corazón, Seattle, WA
February 2 Second Sting (Scorpions tribute) at The Point Casino and Hotel, Kingston, WA
February 4 Generation Decline, Savage, Broken Dead, Paranoiac, URDR at The Charleston, Bremerton, WA
February 4 Funeral Chant, Hissing, Pandiscordian Necrogenesis at Black Lodge, Seattle, WA
February 5 Wastewalker, Whythre at Funhouse, Seattle, WA
February 10 Voidthrone, Dilapidation, Noceur, URDR at The Valley, Tacoma, WA
February 10 American Wrecking Company at Hard Rock Cafe, Seattle, WA
February 13 Kreator, Sabaton at Showbox, Seattle, WA
February 15 Yob at Chop Suey, Seattle, WA
February 16 Keep Metal Alive III at The Charleston, Bremerton, WA
February 16 Guilty Smoke, Convergence, Skullsick Remedy, IPK at Stonegate Pizza, Tacoma, WA
February 17 Anthrax, Killswitch Engage at at Knitting Factory, Spokane, WA
February 17 All Pigs Must Die, Baptists at Highline, Seattle, WA
February 19 Black Label Society, Corrosion of Conformity, Eyehategod at Showbox SoDo, Seattle, WA
February 22 Exodus, Municipal Waste at Neumos, Seattle, WA
February 24 Jesus Wears Armani, Siren's Rain, Massacre at the Opera, After the Fallout, Ironwood, Chamber 6, Out the Hate, Salem Knights at Louie G's Pizza, Fife, WA
February 27 Septicflesh, Dark Funeral, Thy Antichrist at Studio Seven, Seattle, WA
March 2 Second Sting (Scorpions tribute) at Louie G’s Pizza, Fife, WA
March 5 Iced Earth, Kill Ritual at El Corazón, Seattle, WA
March 6 Enslaved, Wolves in the Throne Room, Myrkhur, Khemmis at El Corazón, Seattle, WA
March 7 Machine Head at Showbox, Seattle, WA
March 7 Rings of Saturn, Nekrogoblikon, Allegaeon, Entheos at Studio Seven, Seattle, WA
March 8 Bell Witch, Eye of Solitude, Marche Funebre, Un at Highline, WA
March 9 After the Fallout, others at The Charleston, Bremerton, WA
Msrch 9-10 Northwest Metal Fest at El Corazón/Funhouse, Seattle, WA: Q5, Coven, The Accused AD, Skelator, Substratum, Taist of Iron, others
March 11 Alterbeast, The Grindmother, Inferi, Aethere at Studio Seven, Seattle, WA
March 13 Watain, Destroyer 666 at Studio Seven, Seattle, WA
March 19 Udo Dirkschneider, Zero Down, Children of Seraph at El Corazón, Seattle, WA
March 21 Whipstriker, Negative Vortex, Oxygen Destroyer, Kömmand at Highline, Seattle, WA
March 22 Michael Schenker at Neptune Theatre, Seattle, WA
March 24 The War Within at Tony V's, Everett, WA
March 24 Killian Mahaffey, others at Studio Seven, Seattle, WA
April 6 Nightwish at Knitting Factory, Spokane, WA
April 7 ReEvolution, Glass Cannons, Aphelion, Simulation Theory at The Mirkwood, Arlington, WA
April 12 The Devils of Loudun, Neck of the Woods, Weaponlord at Funhouse, Seattle, WA
April 15 Uli Jon Roth, Killian Mahaffey at Studio Seven, Seattle, WA
April 15 Judas Priest, Saxon, Black Star Riders at ShoWare Center, Kent, WA
April 20 Second Sting (Scorpions tribute) at Tulalip Casino, Marysville, WA
April 20 Blood and Thunder, Dilapidation, Violent Hallucinations, Odyssian at Obscurus, Everett, WA
April 27/28 The Tony V's Hybrid Festival: Jesus Wears Armani, The War Within, Silent Theory, Massacre at the Opera, Casualty of God, After the Fallout, Noctium, Chamber 6, others at Tony V's, Everett, WA
April 28 Second Sting (Scorpions tribute) at Emerald Downs, Auburn, WA
May 13 Soulfly, Nile, After the Fallout, Devilation at Studio Seven, Seattle, WA
May 18 ApHelion, Whythre at The Mirkwood, Arlington, WA
May 26 D.R.I. at El Corazón, Seattle, WA
May 28 Power Trip, others at Neumos, Seattle, WA
May 31-June 2 Northwest Terrorfest at Neumos, Barboza, Highline, Seattle, WA
June 2 Insomnium at El Corazón, Seattle, WA
June 2 Battle for Mordor: Blood and Thunder, ReEvolution, Odyssian, Oxygen Destroyer, Dilapidation, Violent Hallucinations, Simulation Theory at The Mirkwood, Arlington, WA
June 10 HammerFall, Flotsam and Jetsam, Skelator at El Corazón, Seattle, WA
November 2 Second Sting (Scorpions tribute) at Tulalip Casino, Marysville, WA
Metal Bulletin Zine
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Lake Stevens WA 98258 USA

Sunday, January 14, 2018

NEWS: Accuser releases lyric video for second single, "Time For Silence", from new album 'The Mastery'

German Thrash legends Accu§er will release their new album, The Mastery, on January 26th via Metal Blade Records! Accu§er comments: "2017 has been quite busy for us, as we wanted to come back with a bang and to present you a more than decent follow up to 'The Forlorn Divide'. For us, 'The Mastery' is the essence of what Accu§er is all about. It definitely feels like the angry newborn child of 'Who Dominates Who' and 'Repent'. We just hope all you thrashers out there are going to enjoy this record as much as we do!"
For a preview of The Mastery, the 2nd single, "Time For Silence", can be heard below.
The first single, "Mission Missile", can be streamed at the link below, where the album can also be pre-ordered.
Accu§er has been in a constant songwriting mode during the past year. Combined with the energy and spontaneity from several live shows, the songs came to fruition very quickly. Together with long-time producer Martin Buchwalter, they made the record in the summer of 2017 at well-known Gernhart Studio (Destruction, Tankard and many more). For the band, The Mastery is the missing link between the technical virtuosity of their classic album Who Dominates Who and the more basic, heavy approach of Repent - making it their best album since their comeback in 2008. The Mastery contains all of the elements that define the Accu§er sound: heavy, chunky thrash riffs, aggressive vocals with a touch of melody - in addition to the high class guitar solos by youngster Dennis Rybakowski. When it comes to the lyrical side of their songs, Accu§er still raises their voices to denounce social grievances.
Biography: 'The Mastery' - available January 26th, 2018
From 1986 to 1996, ACCU§ER were a mainstay in both the national and international metal scenes. Albums like ‘Who Dominates Who’ (1989) or ‘Repent’ (1992) are still an impressive display of the Siegen, Germany-based group’s technical and compositional abilities.
Musically, ACCU§ER found their own niche somewhere between Bay Area Thrash Metal and the sound of German bands like Kreator or Destruction. Collaborations with Alex Perialas (producer of Testament, Anthrax, etc.) or German Industrial pioneers Die Krupps speak for themselves.
The band played countless tours and concerts, e.g. with Motörhead, Paradise Lost and Overkill. Over time, they earned a respectable following and became a Thrash Metal force known for their energetic, breathtaking live shows.
With ‘Reflections’ (1994) and ‘Taken by the Throat’ (1995), the band changed their musical direction. Their sound became more and more aggressive and focused on groove.
After several line-up changes, the band eventually split up in 1996.
Until 2008 that is, when ACCU§ER finally returned with a bang. Although they were never truly gone, to be exact. The members continued writing songs and playing countless shows under the name Scartibe for quite a while.
At the end of 2008, the band finally went back to their original name and ACCU§ER's been firing on all cylinders ever since. They've released a bunch of classy thrash metal albums and worked hard to bring their trademark sound back on stage and to their fans. Numerous shows on European festival stages and in packed clubs sparked more and more interest and ACCU§ER continued to gain momentum.
‘The Forlorn Divide’, released in 2016, marked a definite milestone in the band's history. It was their first collaboration with Metal Blade Records, who will also publish their upcoming album ‘The Mastery’, which will be released in January 2018.
ACCU§ER has been writing new material during the whole past year. Inspired by the energy and spontaneity of their current live shows, the songs were finalized very quickly. And together with longtime producer Martin Buchwalter, they recorded 'The Mastery' in summer 2017 once again at the famed Gernhart Studio which is also frequented by bands like Destruction, Tankard and many more. 'The Mastery' is the missing link between the technical virtuosity of albums like 'Who Dominates Who' and the more basic, heavy approach of 'Repent'. This latest record in the ACCU§ER discography contains every element that's part of their long-running sound: heavy, chunky Thrash riffs, aggressive vocals and a dash of melody, along with high class guitar solos by their youngest member, Dennis Rybakowski. The band still raise their voices to denounce social grievances and deal with psychological themes when it comes to the lyrical side of their songs.
Accuser "Time for Silence" (LYRIC VIDEO)

NEWS: KARKAOS Unleash New Video "Tyrants"; Album Out Now "Children of The Void"

One of Montreal's most reputable and celebrated melodic extreme metal acts KARKAOS is proud to unleash their new music video "Tyrants" off their latest offering "Children of The Void" featuring new vocalist Viky Boyer, drummer Justine Ethier (Blackguard) and lead guitarist Samael Pelletier along with collaborations with guest artists Lindsay Schoolcraft (Cradle of Filth) and Morgan Lander (Kittie).
The bands comments:
"Karkaos is extremely proud to release its new video for the song ‘’Tyrants’’. This new video crafted by JP Charlebois, known for his work with Ion Dissonance and Slaves On Dope, is the perfect visual vessel to bring this song to your screen by being as brutal, relentless and intricate as the song itself.
We felt that Tyrants was the perfect song to give a second and different look to Children Of The Void. Its powerful meaning can easily be applied to our world and the weird times we all seem to be going through. We need to remember that we will always be stronger united than divided and this song is a testament to people taking the lead when our leaders couldn’t. Make sure to watch it and share it with your friends and pick up a copy of the album or some merch if you enjoyed it."
Watch "Tyrants" below.
"Children of The Void" was recorded, mastered and mixed with Christian Donaldson and Marc-o Frechette at The Grid (The Agonist, Cryptopsy, Neuraxis, Beyond Creation) and Silverwings Studios for keyboards (Blackguard, Ex-Deo , Distoriam) in Montreal, QC. The artwork was made by the immensely talented Marcela Bolívar while the layout was done by Fred Riverin from I Legion.
"Children of The Void" available on Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and all major online retailers.

NEWS: NECROPANTHER: Colorado Metal Legion To Unleash Eyes Of Blue Light Full-Length Next Month; Album Chronicles Classic Frank Herbert Sci-Fi Novel Dune + New Track Streaming

Colorado-based metal legion NECROPANTHER will unleash the seething sounds of the Eyes Of Blue Light full-length next month.
Eyes Of Blue Light was captured at Green Door Recordings in Denver by Felipe Patino (Rise Against, NOFX) and mixed and mastered in Gothenburg, Sweden by melodic death metal mastermind Frederik Nordström (Dimmu Borgir, At The Gates, Arch Enemy, In Flames etc.) who gushed upon the record's completion, "NECROPANTHER is merciless with their songwriting. They're the New Wave Of Old School Death Metal! This album is cool!" The twelve-track album chronicles the classic 1965 Frank Herbert sci-fi novel Dune. Set in the distant future amidst a feudal interstellar society in which noble houses, in control of individual planets, owe allegiance to the Padishah Emperor, Dune tells the story of young Paul Atreides, whose family accepts the stewardship of the desert planet Arrakis. As this planet is the only source of the oracular spice mélange, the most important and valuable substance in the universe, control of Arrakis is a coveted-and dangerous-undertaking. The story explores the multi-layered interactions of politics, religion, ecology, technology, and human emotion, as the factions of the empire confront each other in a struggle for the control of Arrakis and its spice.
Issues NECROPANTHER vocalist/guitarist Paul Anop record and concept: "We're proud that this album showcases the diverse songwriting abilities of everyone in the band. When we went for a more melodic project, we knew that Nordström was the perfect person to bring it into focus, and we got exactly what we wanted."
Eyes Of Blue Light will be self-released on February 23rd with preorders available in the coming weeks. In the meantime, sample opening track "Imperium Overture" at the link below.
NECROPANTHER will play a special record release show on February 24th bookended by two one off shows with more live dates in the plotting stages. See all confirmed dates below.
1/19/2018 Streets Of London Pub - Denver, CO w/ Bodies We've Buried, Morgue Whore
2/24/2018 Hi-Dive - Denver, CO w/ Munsens, Abrams * NECROPANTHER Record Release Show
3/17/2018 Herman's Hideaway - Denver, CO w/ Doyle, MF Ruckus, Lotus Gait, Radio Scarlet
Eyes Of Blue Light Track Listing:
1. Imperium Overture
2. Good As Dead
3. Gom Jabbar
4. Kiss Of Darkness
5. Hunter Seeker
6. Shai-Hulud
7. Weirding Way
8. Fedaykin
9. Water Of Life
10. House Atomics
11. Feyd-Rautha
12. Strange Gods
NECROPANTHER was forged in 2014 with the simple goal of creating heavy music and playing shows that thrill audiences. The band is vocalist/guitarist Paul Anop, lead guitarist Joe Johnson, drummer Haakon Sjogren, and bassist Marcus Corich. Together they've quickly become a favorite in the highly competitive Denver metal scene with their precision, speed, and short, hook-laden songs.
NECROPANTHER was included in the 2016 year-end Top 10 Denver Metal Bands by the Denver Westword alongside with Khemmis, Dreadnought and Blood Incantation and was selected by the Denver Post for the 2017 Underground Music Showcase (UMS).
The band has extensive experience performing and touring. Haakon Sjogren and Marcus Corich were founding members of Havok and also played together in Colorado metal project Moore. Sjogren has also handled drums for Colorado bands Frozen Eternity and Circaic. In addition to his bass playing, Corich is also an accomplished skater and has performed at the Van's Warped Tour and other high-profile events. Anop was in Kansas powerhouse Spirit Of The Stairs as well as The Empress and Whalefalls while Johnson also played in Moore, as well as the metal fusion project Wild Game. Prior to moving to Colorado, he played and toured with the Philadelphia-based power metal band Shadowdance and NWOBHM band Wastoid. He has also appeared in a video for the famed shredder The Great Kat.
The band's eponymous debut (2016), an homage to the classic movie The Terminator, was recorded at Green Door in Denver, mixed by Eric Rutan at Mana Studio (Cannibal Corpse, Goatwhore etc.) and mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music (Cannabis Corpse, Converge, Torche, Tombs etc.).

NEWS: PRIMITIVE MAN Announces North American Headlining Tour With Spectral Voice

Denver's favorite trio of nihilists PRIMITIVE MAN will take to the streets again this March on a North American headlining tour with Spectral Voice. The tour commences March 17th in Omaha, Nebraska and ends April 9th in Denver Colorado. PRIMITIVE MAN will also appear at select summer festivals such as Northwest Terror Fest, Austin Terror Fest, and Temple Of Ascension. See all confirmed dates below.
PRIMITIVE MAN will be touring in support of their critically-lauded Caustic full-length, recently released via Relapse Records. Captured at Flatline Audio by Dave Otero (Cobalt, Cephalic Carnage, Cattle Decapitation et al), Caustic is twelve songs and over seventy-five minutes of bloodcurdling howls, abysmal tones, and dense, unsettling feedback, spewing forth a cesspool of utter misery. With lyrical themes ranging from political corruption, personal struggle, and the crumbling social climate facing the world today, Caustic serves as a cataclysmic soundtrack for a world gone awry.
Watch PRIMITIVE MAN's previously released videos for "Victim" and "Commerce" below.
Caustic is out now on CD, 2xLP, cassette, and digital formats via Relapse Records.
PRIMITIVE MAN w/ Spectral Voice:
3/17/2018 The Sydney - Omaha, NE
3/18/2018 Cactus Club - Milwaukee, WI
3/19/2018 7th St. Entry - Minneapolis, MN
3/20/2018 Subterranean - Chicago, IL
3/21/2018 Macs Bar - Lansing, MI
3/22/2018 Cattivo - Pittsburgh, PA
3/23/2018 Spark Art Space - Syracuse, NY
3/24/2018 Lees Palace - Toronto, ON
3/25/2018 Mavericks - Ottawa, ON
3/26/2018 L'Anti - Quebec City, QC
3/27/2018 Bar LeRitz - Montreal, QC
3/28/2018 Middle East - Boston, MA
3/29/2018 Geno's Rock Club - Portland, ME
3/30/2018 Meatlocker - Montclair, NJ
3/31/2018 Saint Vitus Bar - Brooklyn, NY
4/01/2018 Kung Fu Necktie - Philadelphia, PA **
4/02/2018 Atlas Brew - Washington D.C.
4/03/2018 Strange Matter - Richmond, VA
4/04/2018 Basement - Atlanta, GA
4/05/2018 The End - Nashville, TN
4/06/2018 Fubar - St. Louis, MO
4/07/2018 Rock Island Brewing Co. - Rock Island, IL
4/08/2018 Riot Room - Kansas City, MO
4/09/2018 Syntax Physics Opera - Denver, CO
End Tour
6/01/2018 Northwest Terror Fest 2018 - Seattle, WA
6/17/2018 Austin Terror Fest 2018 - Austin, TX
8/16-19/2018 Temple Of Ascension Vol. 1 - Edmonton, AB
" over 75-minute-long, dense, disturbing soundtrack to horror. Manic blastbeats and tremolo-picked minor chords melt into feedback-drenched waves of discomfort. The weight of the album is visceral, its misery and hopelessness made audible." - Noisey
"...filthy, ugly, brutish, and sounds like a long lifetime of hatred, pain, misery and destruction." -- Metal Injection
"It's louder. It's heavier. It's noisier. Pure punishment. Musical masochism. Straight up no daylight chained to a cold, concrete, blood-stained floor..." - The Needle Drop
"...a double dose of their debut Scorn - McCarthy's tone is still that high-end Ballou-style (from Dave Otero) production that shows the frayed ends of sanity and his roar has never sounded deeper or angrier." - Decibel
"There is no other way to convey the realization of the vile nature of existence without tempos this slow, and of riffs so massively distorted, grotesque, and just fucking doused in nauseating hatred as these are..." -- Cvlt Nation
"...some of the heaviest, grinding, industrial-charged sludge you're likely to suffer through." -- Team Rock
"Art should reflect its surroundings, and this is a near perfect example of this: the worst of the human condition, condensed into a darkly poetic display of doom metal. Plus it's super fucking heavy, which is just fantastic." - Heavy Blog Is Heavy
" overwhelming masterwork of unbridled extremity." - The Obelisk
"...for those who like their doom on the punishingly callous and despondent side, smothered with noise-ridden dread and bitterness, this one's for you." - Exclaim
"...a brutal atmospheric record, delivering a soul crushing presence of utter nihilism and darkness." - New Noise
"...completely unyielding, unforgiving and cold." - Svbterranean
Primitive Man-Victim NSFW
PRIMITIVE MAN - "Commerce" (Official Visualizer Video)

NEWS: CORROSION OF CONFORMITY Unveils Official Video For "The Luddite;" No Cross No Crown Full-Length Out NOW Via Nuclear Blast Entertainment + North American Tour Marches On

January 13th marks the official release of No Cross No Crown, the long anticipated new full-length from CORROSION OF CONFORMITY! Captured in North Carolina with longtime producer John Custer, the mammoth offering marks the first studio recording with vocalist/guitarist Pepper Keenan in over a decade. In celebration of its release, the band is pleased to unveil the raging, kaleidoscopic new video for "The Luddite." View "The Luddite" now via Nuclear Blast's Youtube channel below.
In case you missed it, watch the band's previously-released animated clip for "Wolf Named Crow" below.
No Cross No Crown is out NOW via Nuclear Blast Entertainment on CD, digital, vinyl, and cassette formats. Various order bundles are available below.
CORROSION OF CONFORMITY is currently in the midst of a massive North American live takeover supporting Black Label Society. The tour kicked off in Denver, Colorado December 27th and will wind its way through nearly four dozen cities upon its conclusion on February 27th in Los Angeles, California. Additional support is being provided by Eyehategod and Red Fang on select shows. See all confirmed dates below.
CORROSION OF CONFORMITY w/ Black Label Society, Eyehategod (12/29 - 1/20; 2/11 - 2/27), Red Fang (1/26 - 2/09):
1/12/2018 Outland Ballroom - Springfield, MO ^ No BLS (COC headlining)
1/13/2018 Bomb Factory - Dallas, TX ^
1/14/2018 Emo's - Austin, TX ^
1/15/2018 House Of Blues - Houston, TX ^
1/17/2018 House Of Blues - New Orleans, LA ^
1/18/2018 Marathon Music Works - Nashville, TN ^
1/19/2018 Bogart's - Cincinnati, OH ^
1/20/2018 Center Stage - Atlanta, GA ^
1/26/2018 Jannus Live - St. Petersburg, FL *
1/27/2018 House Of Blues - Myrtle Beach, SC *
1/28/2018 The Ritz - Raleigh, NC *
1/29/2018 The Fillmore Silver Spring - Silver Spring, MD *
1/31/2018 PlayStation Theater - New York, NY *
2/01/2018 The Palladium - Worcester, MA *
2/02/2018 Aura - Portland, ME *
2/03/2018 Electric Factory - Philadelphia, PA *
2/05/2018 Town Ballroom - Buffalo, NY *
2/06/2018 The Goodyear Theater at East End - Akron, OH *
2/07/2018 Stage AE - Pittsburgh, PA *
2/08/2018 Eagles Ballroom Club Stage - Milwaukee, WI *
2/09/2018 Myth Live - St. Paul, MN *
2/11/2018 O'Brians Event Centre - Saskatoon, SK ^
2/12/2018 The Ranch Roadhouse - Edmonton, AB ^
2/14/2018 Commodore Ballroom - Vancouver, BC ^
2/16/2018 Bowes Event Center at Revolution Place - Grande Prairie, AB ^
2/17/2018 MacEwan Hall - Calgary, AB ^
2/19/2018 Showbox SoDo - Seattle, W ^
2/20/2018 Roseland Theater - Portland, OR ^
2/21/2018 Ace Of Spades - Sacramento, CA ^
2/23/2018 House of Blues - Las Vegas, NV ^
2/24/2018 The Marquee - Tempe, AZ ^
2/25/2018 Sunshine Theater - Albuquerque, NM ^
2/27/2018 The Fonda Theatre - Los Angeles, CA ^
^ w/ Eyehategod
* w/ Red Fang
"The record is filled with the kind of Sabbath meets Black Flag meets Lynyrd Skynyrd jams that were so infectious and wildly influential back when Bill Clinton seduced interns...COC doesn't try to change direction but instead revisits the approach that made the Keenan-fronted version so successful: powerful hooks, instrumental asides that will remind you of Sabbath's 'Planet Caravan' and a rich use of textures and dynamics..." -- Decibel
"...burly, surly and southern-fried - basically, everything fans could hope for." -- Revolver
"If we're looking at classic rock as a living, breathing organism, one that adapts and evolves over the ever-rolling waves of time, one that holds its original axe-slinging deities in highest esteem but allows for the ordaining of new priests and idols along the way, then it's really time to let CORROSION OF CONFORMITY luxuriate in the lap of the golden gods... these motherfuckers have been at it forever, and they've just made their best album in twenty years." -- Team Rock
"...powerful and unstoppable as an avalanche." -- Kerrang!
" good it should really be toured in full, played from top to bottom as a complete movement of music." -- PureGrainAudio
" essential listen." -- Metal Wani
"...undoubtedly one of finest releases in CORROSION OF CONFORMITY's storied career." -- Pop Matters
" amazingly composed, heartfelt blues-inspired record... the guys just nailed the sound this time - I mean completely nailed it." -- Metal Insider
"...where 35-plus years from getting started, most artists still active have long since slid into a mediocrity of form in playing to what's expected of them, COC here sound reinvigorated and offer a reminder to all willing to hear it of a big part of what made them who they are in the first place." -- The Obelisk

Saturday, January 13, 2018

NEWS: Lione/Conti Debut New Song "You're Falling" From Self-Titled Debut

Lione/Conti Debut New Song "You're Falling" From Self-Titled Debut
Available via Frontiers Music Srl on January 26th
Frontiers Music Srl will release the masterful debut from Lione/Conti on January 26, 2018. Today the duo is pleased to release the next single from their record entitled "You're Falling". Listen to the song below.
" 'You're Falling' is a mid-tempo song with modern and progressive sound that remind me some great bands that I love like Queensryche or Kamelot.. Usually I prefer to sing fast song, but is always a great experience when you can sing in many different style like in Lione/Conti..of course we have also some great "double-kick-killer-songs";), but 'You're Falling' still one of my favorite of the album," says Conti.
Pre-order & stream singles from "Lione/Conti" below.
Watch the video for the track "Ascension" below.
Alessandro Conti is the voice of the Italian power metal band Trick Or Treat and in 2011 was tapped as the voice of LUCA TURILLI'S RHAPSODY, when the two founding members of Rhapsody of Fire, Luca Turilli and Alex Staropoli, decided to part ways and create their own versions of said band. Fabio Lione is the original and defining voice of Rhapsody of Fire, fronting the band from 1995 until his departure in 2016, having voicing all the band's albums to date, including the classics "Legendary Tales," "Symphony of Enchanted Lands," and "Dawn of Victory." Lione reunited with former Rhapsody of Fire members Luca Turilli, Patrice Guers and Alex Holzwarth on the current RHAPSODY REUNION tour.
Now, for the first time the two voices of the RHAPSODY universe, and longtime friends, has joined together for the new project Lione/Conti, continuing the same power metal passion that has defined each vocalist's career. Teaming up with DGM guitarist/composer, and famed producer, Simone Mularoni who composed and produced the album, the new songs have a heavier and more power metal vibe than ever before.
Track Listing:
1. Ascension
2. Outcome
3. You're Falling
4. Somebody Else
5. Misbeliever
6. Destruction Show
7. Glories
8. Truth
9. Gravity
10. Crosswinds
Band Members:
Fabio Lione - vocals
Alessandro Conti - vocals
Marco Lanciotti - drums
Filippo Martignano - Keyboards
Simone Mularoni - guitars, bass
Lione Conti - "Ascension" (Official Music Video)
Lione - Conti - "You're Falling" (Official Audio)
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NEWS: upcoming new album by Empiresfall (Germany)

[The time is almost here for the return of the German thrashers Empiresfall. The previous work by the band is from 2014 and it was called Riot. Now in 2018 they have a new work called A Piece to the Blind and it is full of sharp and fast guitars and aggressive sore-throat vocals. The band is dedicated to the thrashing riffs, the solos, the pounding drums and the shredding. For now, listen to a little demonstration of the band's style at the audio sample below. Let's hope that they have some new songs for you to hear soon. Check out the official information about the new release below.]
A Piece to the Blind
Iron Shield Records
February 16, 2018
Empiresfall is a German Metal band, foundet late 2008 in a suburb of Hamburg. The band is known for a rough, raw and pure sound. First step in the scene was a selfreleased four-track EP “Place Of Pain“ in 2009, which was sold out in very short time. The debut album “Riot“ was also self-recorded and released by the band in late 2014. While the guys from Empiresfall received good critics by press and a constant growing fanbase, they have prepared their next Metal Attack. The special combination of Heavy- and Thrash Metal is the reason why Empiresfall shared stages with Bands like Sinister, Equilibrium, Iron Angel, Metal Witch, Protector, Virus or even Tad Morose. In fall 2017 the band has entering the Soundlodge Studio. Jörg Uken, producer of Suicidal Angels, Anvil, Sinister, God Dethroned etc. was chosen to bring the second album of Empiresfall to life. This new CD will be released in Februar 2018. Beware and prepare! Thrash or be thrashed!
1. The Descendant
2. Betrayers
3. In Decay
4. Blood From The Sky
5. Bloodshed And Chaos
6. Wasteland
7. Enemy Of Mine
8. A Piece To The Blind
total playing time: 28:51 min
Norman Yu (c/o Franky Chigetti) – vocals, guitars
Alex "Mad" Bäm – guitars
Dennis Gundelach – bass
Nico Steffens – drums
Empiresfall - A Piece To The Blind

Crom (review by MMB)

When Northmen Die
Pure Steel Records
December 1, 2017
A new name (to this publication) in melodic metal rolls in with huge confidence. Meet Crom. If it’s your game to find melodic, memorable albums with good singing, then shuffle the cards and make this pick. Crom is concerned not with speed per se, and is interested not in heaviness itself, but rather in something bigger, something indispensable: the art and the sophistication of fine melodies that many people can enjoy. Let’s get out of the way the basic formalities of sound and style descriptions. Crom is, depending on your viewpoint, melodic Viking metal and melodic heavy metal. Regardless of image or lyrical or visual matters, just based on the music, this is adult contemporary metal, more specifically, midtempo symphonic and for singing along.
There are luscious background choirs, with the objective of the creation of epic majesty as if you are in an opera hall or in a big movie theater with booming sound. Much of the music sounds like anthems, although there are some quieter moments, with ballads or power ballads.
Crom is melodic music, but it is also melancholic. The guitar melodies move under the weight of themes of death, loneliness and good-byes. The singing, appropriately, is friendly to the ear, but I’m pretty sure that few people would consider it happy, for it has a great tone of sadness to it. As the album advances, the singing continues to go deeper into areas of dejection and heartache. In other words, some of the songs may work with the consumption of certain beverages at European metal festivals, but not it’s super cheery music, either. Nevertheless, this music is, most of all, traditional and melodic heavy metal. It should be fun to the listener because Crom music also has an uplifting spirit that carries the tunes.